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Auto service that exceeds expectations


We treat our customers with respect. We will listen to you and we will answer your questions. We understand how much you depend on your vehicle – and that’s why we treat each vehicle we service as if it were our own.


As a full-service auto shop, we can handle all your car repair needs. Never pay those high dealership prices again! We can do it all right here, including completely maintaining your manufacturer's warranty.


  • We’ll Repair Only What’s Necessary and advise you of other problems we see without pressuring you.

  • No Surprises we never perform a service on your vehicle or exceed our estimate without your okay.

  • The Latest State Of The Art Equipment your problem is fixed right the first time.

  • Familiar, Friendly Faces family owned and operated; we have built our business on hard work, value, and honesty, always putting our customers first!

  • Oil changes - usually every 3,000 miles

  • Belts - check with every oil change

  • Timing belts (where applicable) - usually every 60,000 miles, or 90,000 miles

  • Brakes - front brakes usually last 20,000-30,000 miles, rear brakes usually 60,000 miles varies depending on driving habits and conditions

  • Transmission services - usually every 60,000

  • Coolant services - usually every 2 years, some coolant types are good for 5 years

  • Tires - vary widely

  • Hoses - check with every oil change, rot from the inside out

  • Spark plugs - usually every 30,000, some every 60,000, some every 90,000

  • Spark plug wires - usually every 60,000 miles or when they go bad 

  • Distributor cap and rotor - cars that have them usually every 60,000 miles

  • Air filter - should be checked with every oil change

  • Check your owners manual for a complete list and  recommended intervals for your vehicle




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